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Nov 29

Frost Protection for Your Yard

Posted to Landscaping Tips by Jessica Baechle

Frost Protection for Your Plants

To protect your frost-susceptible plants, cover them with cloth towels, blankets, sheets or cardboard boxes to insulate them. Plastic is not recommended for plant cover. Drape the paper or cloth all the way to the ground to help trap heat radiating from the ground. Be sure to remove the cover after sunrise each morning or when the temperature reaches 35 degrees.


Plants that are not native to the Southwest are most at risk for frost damage. These plants include Bougainvillea, Lantana, winter annuals and others. For cacti such as Mexican Fencepost, covering the tops of the posts with an old t-shirt, foam cup or washcloth can help prevent frost damage. Frost protection


Frost Protection for Your Backflow

When temperatures dip below 32 degrees, your backflow preventer is at risk for damage from freezing water that sits in the unit. Usually, the easiest way to protect your backflow is to cover it with a towel or blanket on the nights that temperatures are projected to drop below freezing.  You can also choose to drain the water from your backflow if you are concerned about prolonged freezing temperatures or plan to be gone for several nights.


Please visit Resources - DLC Resources for more information about frost protection and recovery.


Photo caption: Make sure your covering reaches the ground for maximum benefits!

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Nov 30

Peoria Adopts Code and Design Updates to Increase Water Savings

Posted to Peoria News by Jessica Baechle

As part of the City of Peoria’s commitment to the Principles of Sound Water Management and smart growth, Mayor and Council recently adopted updates to Peoria’s Landscape Code and Community Design Guidelines to further reduce water usage. These targeted and practical modifications are intended to have a measurable impact on water savings, while maintaining the high-quality development standards that define Peoria.

“Over the past several years, Council and I have implemented strategic and smart water policies to further position our community for long-term sustainability and prosperity,” said Mayor Cathy Carlat. “These updates will offer our development community an opportunity to save water and money, and these updates will ensure we further protect our water resources.”

Highlights include:

  • Adjustments to shrub and groundcover (e.g. lantana) density, which promotes proper tree canopy coverage and spacing of shrubs to allow plants to better thrive and will require less maintenance over time. This adjustment has negligible visual impact, but yields a significant water savings. It has the additional effect of lowering initial development costs and on-going maintenance expenses.


  • Reduction in total amount of turf that can be utilized in new development or redevelopment projects, and limiting placement of turf to functional and accessible open space areas such as in sports fields and play areas. This alteration does not diminish or reduce the amount of open space required within development projects; rather, it is intended to eliminate turf in areas where ineffective watering occurs and maintenance is problematic for HOAs and property management companies.


  • Promotion of a greater range of development techniques that are appropriate for our climate, such as building placement that works with surrounding topography, careful selection of building colors and materials to reduce heat retention, and utilization of Low Impact Development (LID) strategies and techniques for increased water and energy conservation.

“These sensible and meaningful updates are a reflection of Peoria’s commitment to smart water policy,” said Cape Powers, Water Services Director. “These updates are a win economically, a win environmentally, and a great step forward as we remain diligent stewards in meeting our community’s water resources needs.”

To see Peoria’s Landscape Code and Community Design Guidelines, visit

Water conservation is a way of life in Peoria. To learn more about Peoria’s diverse water portfolio, conservation efforts, and rebate programs, visit

Oct 26

Peoria Police Host Fall Motorcycle Safety Event

Posted to Public Safety Tips by Samantha Thomas

On Saturday, November 20, 2021, from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. the Peoria Police Department in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is proud to host an interactive Motorcycle Safety class. 

There is no charge for this one-day class and it is open to the public.

The program will consist of a short classroom discussion to cover safe riding habits and overall motorcycle safety followed by hands-on course instruction. During the riding portion of the course, critical riding skills will be reinforced to promote the optimal response to dangerous riding situations.

Motorcycle riders wishing to apply for this course can fill out a short application at This is not a course for new riders to get an endorsement. A valid driver's license and motorcycle endorsement are required to attend this class. Selected participants will be notified prior to the class.

Seating is limited and program participants will be selected based upon application screening.