Jill Carlon

Jill Carlon

I worked for 17 years as a Surgical Nurse at Banner University

Hospital. I’m currently a stay at home mom to three incredible

teenage girls. I have volunteered on a Design Review Board and

worked alongside the HOA to help revitalize a neighborhood, we

owned rental property in.

The first time I entered through the Blackstone gates, I was in awe of

the beauty of this community. It’s been 6 years and I still love that

drive and I love the people that make up this community even more.

I believe it’s time we have a Board that is open to community input

and has monthly in-person meetings. I believe every homeowner has

the right to come before the HOA and deserves to have a

conversation, regardless the issue at hand. Additionally, I’m hopeful

we can make some changes to the Design Guidelines so homeowners can make the desired

improvements that would increase property values and aesthetic appeal.

My driving force in running for this position is my love of this community and it’s people. I feel

my previous experience with HOA’s will be beneficial and help facilitate meaningful insight and

improvements to the Board.